I am Sang-po Lee, CEO of MK International.
Our company imports the best raw materials for buttons, COROZO (TAGUA) NUT BLANK and BUFFALO HORN BLANK, and sells them in Korea and ASIA. In particular, MK International entered into an agreement with MANEXPO CIALTDA (the top producer of COROZO (TAGUA) NUT BLANK in the world, known for its quality in the center of fashion, Europe) for the right to sales in Asia. Now we are supplying 50% of COROZO in Korea.
We deliver the best-quality products to customers in the shortest time. We will take advantage of this competitiveness to grow into a company that does its best to keep our customers satisfied with forward-looking management policies and spirit of challenge
"We are small but have a dream." "Customer satisfaction is our greatest pleasure." These are the mottos of MK International. I want to thank all of our customers for helping us become the world's number-one seller of raw materials for garments. I hope you will continue to encourage and support us
I wish you all the happiness and prosperity in the world!

CEO Sang-po Lee MK International